A Week in the Life of J & M | Sunday Inspiration | May 31st – June 6th

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello Damsels!

It was quite a busy week for J & M. We spent a couple days relaxing and doing a lot of people watching at beautiful Loose Park. Friday night we hung out with some great people and went to First Fridays in the Crossroads. Saturday our friend/old roomie came to KC to visit and we all went to a Sporting Kansas City game (and they WON!!), followed by a fun and eventful night out in Westport. Overall it was a wonderful week and we hope you had a phenomenal week, too! Relive our week with us in our video below and find some inspiration from our weekly quote!


At First Fridays, we were able to attend an interactive art exhibit called “I Am Enough.” The exhibit was to encourage individuals to realize they are more than just their insecurities. As young women, this quote is a way to remind us to not get caught up in emotions of what others think of us and lets us know we are truly enough, just the way we are.

Share with us your favorite quote with the #sundaysprinkles on Twitter or Instagram!

 Watch some highlights of our week!

– J & M


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