The Escapades of J & M | Dallas, TX for Senior Year Spring Break | Road Trip Travel Essentials

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Hello, Damsels!

J & M take the road! It was senior year spring break and J & M knew they had to do something to take full advantage of their last spring break in college. With limited time and money to plan an extravagant vacation, a road trip to Dallas, TX seemed like the perfect option! And who doesn’t want to be like Britney Spears from the movie Crossroads? It was the perfect opportunity for us to create some unbelievable memories and explore an amazing city together! From our experience, we have put together 5 Road Trip Essentials for you all to make sure you have the perfect road trip, too! And we even created vlog style video highlighting some of our favorite memories!

Top 5 Road Trip Essentials

Bumpin’ Playlist | Car Charger | Auxiliary Cord

Having the perfect playlist is a complete necessity, especially on a long road trip. The majority of our 9 hour drive to Dallas was spent having a J & M concert in our car. Make sure you bring an aux cord with you so you can connect your phone to your car’s stereo, as well as a car charger so your phone doesn’t die in the middle of your drive!

3 Favorite Road Trip Songs From Our Road Trip

1000 Miles – Vanessa Carlton

Habits – Tove Lo

Trap Queen – Fetty Wap

Snacks and Water

We love food! We didn’t want to make a ton of stops to eat, so we decided to bring a cooler with fruit and sandwiches necessities. Bringing a cooler of food can also save you money once you reach your destination because instead of eating out for every meal, you can eat the food you brought! Make sure you bring water or your favorite drink as well so you can stay hydrated!

Spontaneous Pit Stops

Take advantage of interesting, or scenic stops that you drive past on your trip. It can get boring driving for a long period of time, so if you see a sign with a place that looks intriguing to you, make a pit stop and go check it out! Making spontaneous stops might make the road trip a little longer, but it gives you the opportunity to explore new places and make fun memories before you even reach your destination.

Mini Toiletry Bag

Long road trips can really wear you out. Having a small bag full of items to keep you feeling refreshed is extremely helpful! We recommend packing chap stick, tampons, make up remover wipes, gum, tissues, band-aids/first aid kit, pain reliever, and dry shampoo. Most of these items you can find in travel sizes so they are easier to take with you on the go!


This is an absolute must! So many memories are created on road trips and you will want to capture as many as you possible can. Road trips hold the makings for amazing Instagrams and even some silly pictures as you lose your mind from sitting inside a car too long. Road trips are all about the experiences and memories created and it’s such a blast looking back on time shared with your close friends!

Vlog – Escapades of J & M || Dallas ||

If you could road trip anywhere, where would it be and why? Don’t forget to use the #damseldonuts on Instagram and Twitter!

 – J & M


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