A Week in the Life of J & M | Sunday Inspiration | June 8th – June 14th

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello Damsels!

Kansas City started a new event this summer called Urbana KC. It will be held every first Wednesday of the month in the Power and Light District. It is a much smaller scale of the event we went to last week, First Fridays, but with this being the first run of the event, there is lots of potential to grow into something amazing. There was a live band, food, drinks, lawn games, and even performers like an acrobatic and fire juggler. Although the event advertised local art vendors, we did not spot any. We are hoping next month art will be included because that would an extra element to the event. Thursday we went to Kona, a delicious sushi restaurant that serves half price sushi and yummy drinks during their happy hour. It is the go-to happy hour for young adults around the Plaza-Westport area. We hope you enjoy this week’s Sunday Sprinkle’s quote and find some inspiration to enjoy everything life has to throw at you. Even if its a cupcake!

Sometimes it is very easy for us to get caught up in the every day hustle and bustle of trying to grow up and be an “adult.” Especially now that we have graduated college, there is more pressure than ever to become “successful woman” with our new career paths. This quote is such a good reminder for us to know that we are still so young and there is so much life ahead of us to be excited about. Yes, growing up has proven to be difficult at times, but there is something special within each day so we must continue living in each moment granted to us to reach our desires.  And what does “growing up” really mean anyways? We hope this quote encourages you as well, to be grateful for each day and for each amazing day to come.

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Watch some highlights of our week!

– J & M


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