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Hello Damsels!

M recently took a little road trip to Nashville, Tennessee and had a blast! From quaint coffee shops to endless amounts of country music, Nashville has lots to offer! One of M’s favorite stop while in Nashville was Barista Parlor. Located in the east side, Barista Parlor is a very hip and trendy coffee shop that offers amazing drinks and exquisite food.

Check out Barista Parlor’s website!

Apparently when the weather is really nice, the shop will open up the garage doors and live bands will play out in the open area in front. I would love to go back when this goes on! The atmosphere here was very mellow and you could tell everyone was enjoying their time here.

The vibes inside were very chill and welcoming. The barista’s made the drinks right in the middle of the coffee shop and it was fun watching them making all the drinks. Local made chocolates were available for purchase or just to check out while waiting in line to order. Everything was a bit on the pricey side, but it was all completely worth it!

IMG_7379  12


The drinks and food are magnificent! The drink I chose was vanilla bourban and it was delightful! I had the BP biscuit to eat. It’s a homemade biscuit with sausage and peach jam. I was a little unsure about the peach jam at first, but once I tried it, it was love at first bite! They also sell a variety of different macarons, as well as homemade pop-tarts that looked delicious.


I had a phenomenal time in Nashville and I cannot wait to return! Let us know what places you love to visit in Nashville, we love hearing about fun places to explore!

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– J & M


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