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Hello Damsels!

J & M are huge fans of trying subscription boxes, especially ones that involve food! Graze is a snack box that you can get delivered bi-weekly or monthly. You are able to put boxes on hold and you will not be charged for that weeks box. A FREE sample box is available that comes with 4 of their yummy snacks. Simply check out their website and get all the details on how to receive your first box for free!! All of the Graze snacks are tasty and healthy; perfect for when you are on the go!


Check out Graze’s website!

M decided to order the 150 calories or less box for healthy snacking throughout the day and this box did not disappoint! After you receive your Graze box you can logon to your account on their website and rate all of the snacks you received. This allows them to send you more snacks that you will enjoy for your next box. Take a look at all the snacks that M got in her most recent box.




  1. Eleanor’s Apple Crumble – soft apple pieces, raisins and cinnamon honey almonds
  2. Graze’s Popping Corn – Twist of Black Pepper
  3. Cocoa cookie dippers with oat and spelt (Cherry Compote to dip cookies in)
  4. Thai Sweet Chili Bites – sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites


  1. Vanilla almond granola topper
  2. Tropical Daiquiri – green mango, lime raisins and pineapple
  3. Herby Bread Basket – basil baguettes, garlic crostini and oregano rice crackers
  4. New York everything bagel – poppy seed and onion sesame sticks


What are your favorite subscription boxes? Let us know, we are always looking to find fun new ones to try!

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    – J & M


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