Look Back At It | College Memories |Sophomore Year


Hello, Damsels!

It is time to share with you all some of J & M’s favorite memories from their sophomore year of college. It is so much fun to look back at all the awesome memories we have made with great friends!

Big/Little Reveal

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One of the most exciting parts of sophomore year was getting our Little’s in Chi Omega. We spent weeks crafting just so we could spoil them like crazy!

Formal and Date Party

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375941_10201238522792175_234549936_n sophmore 2


Formals and Date Parties hold some of the greatest memories from our college years. It is always so much fun to dress up and dance like crazy with all your friends.

Chi Omega Wedding

sophmore 3

The first sister of our pledge class got married and all of us attended to support her! It was such a beautiful and fun wedding and such an amazing way to see how strong our bond is!

Playing Dress-up

1 5

When you get the chance to dress up for a theme, you must go all out! Mixers, and Halloween are always perfect opportunities to be creative and make some DIY costumes!


And J met Obama!

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– J & M


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