October Favorites


  Hello Damsels!

Can you believe how fast October flew by? October has been a very fun month; fall, pumpkins, AND Halloween! J and M want to share with you a few things they have been loving this past month. Let us know what some of your favorite things in October were!

M’s Favorites

Maybelline FIT me! 


 I have been using BareMinerals Original Foundation for a while now so this month I decided to try a less expensive power foundation. I absolutely love that matte finish that FIT me! gives off. It stays on pretty much all day without leaving my face oily a few hours after I apply it. If you are looking for a good drugstore powder, I highly recommend picking this up!

Black Teakwood Candle 


I have an obsession with Bath and Body Works candles and this particular one has been my favorite for a while now. Black Teakwood smells like a boy and I absolutely love it. It’s literally a perfect smelling cologne in candle form. The notes in this scent are “rich and mysterious black teakwood blends with soft sandalwood and crisp lavender.”

Pumpkin Spice Eggo Waffles 


I had these for the first time last year and I was so upset when they stopped selling them (they are limited edition for fall). I stocked up on a few boxes this year and I can honestly say these waffles are one of my favorite pumpkin spice flavored food. Get a box before they stop being sold!

Scream Queens and How to Get Away With Murder 


I have been loving these shows so much this past month! Scream Queens is so cheesy that it’s hilarious, and the fashion in this show is INSANE! Chanel’s closet. I NEED! I started watching HTGAWM when the first season aired on TV but I wasn’t really into. It was added to Netflix and I pretty much binge watched the whole first season in like two weeks. You have to really pay attention to fully understand what is happening but it is a fantastic show!

J’s Favorites

 it Cosmetics CC Cream


I’ve been wearing this just about everyday to work during October. It gives you the most beautiful, smooth, glowy finish and actually has great coverage for a cc cream. I will definitely be repurchasing this once I use up my first tube!

Chambray Shirt

WMDH1911 UVRB1699

This has been my go-to outfit in October when I don’t know what to wear. Its the perfect fall transition piece, a must-have in your closet! It can be dressed down by throwing it over a graphic or basic tee or dressed up with a fun necklace.

Philosophy Fresh Cream Perfume and Lotion


I love scents that are sweet – if you don’t, steer clear of this! It has the warmest, coziest scent for fall. It’ll feel like your wrapped in a fuzzy blanket by the fire while eating ice cream. Who wouldn’t want that??

Kansas City



I don’t have any words for this city. The energy here is amazing – before and after the Royals won the WORLD SERIES. So many new shops, restaurants and entertainment are popping up around the city so there is always something new to do. And the street car is nearing the grand opening! I’m excited to see where time takes this city!

I’m also obsessed with How To Get Away with Murder! Seriously, you need to watch it!

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– J&M


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