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Hello Damsels!

Makeup primers are the perfect solution for making your makeup to apply smooth and flawless. M would love to share with you an inexpensive, alternative makeup primer. The Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm. Sound weird? Yeah we thought the same thing. Check out M’s review to see what her thoughts are!


Leighann, a beauty guru on YouTube (Check out Leighann’s Channel!) mentioned this product in her October favorites video, and I was very intrigued! She raved about how incredible it was, so I decided to give it a try! I’ve never really used a makeup primer besides BareMinerals Prime Time makeup primer and I was not a huge fan of it.


I’ve been using the Nivea post balm shave for a few weeks not and I love it! I apply about a dime size to my entire face and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and ready for me to apply my makeup. It does have a bit of a “guy” scent to it but it doesn’t linger after you apply it.  By the end of the day, my makeup usually has come off a little and my face has an oily feeling. I have noticed that my makeup stays on much longer when I use this product and it gives my makeup a matte finish. I definitely recommend giving the Nivea Men’s sensitive post shave balm a try (even if it sounds really strange!)

I bought mine from Bed Bath & Beyond but most stores like Target, or CVS will sell it as well. It is sold in the men’s shaving aisle in a little box for the low price of $5.99!

What are some odd products that you have tried and ended up loving?

Stick around for some super fun blog posts we have coming up!

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– J & M



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