Birthday Special: 23 things at 23


Hello Damsels!

Today we have a birthday special for you!

Happy 23rd Birthday, J!

(and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!)

For this little birthday special, J has come up with a list of 23 things she wants to do this year. This way, in one year, she will be able to look back and see how many things she has accomplished. From the little fun things to the big meaningful dreams.

23 Things to do at 23

  1. Find my “thing”
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. Explore my spirituality
  4. Go to a music festival
  5. Vote for President!
  6. Practice being charitable. It’s one thing to talk about it and its another thing to actually take action.
  7. Go on a blind date
  8. Camp under the stars
  9. Buy my family dinner
  10. Learn to use Adobe Creative or InDesign. Classes are over $400 (yikes!), but it’ll be great for my career!
  11. Begin financial stability. It’s time for me to become an independent woman!
  12. Go on a relaxing vacation
  13. Go to as many wineries I possibly can
  14. Learn to love myself more. This is a life long journey, but something you should work at everyday!
  15. Learn to change a tire on my own
  16. Start a 401k. Adult things.
  17. Travel alone or go to a movie alone
  18. Yoga/Meditation once a week. I hope to do this once a day but baby steps.
  19. Make new friends. Not that I don’t love the friends I have, it’s always fun meeting new people at this age!
  20. Keep a plant alive. And then maybe I can get a dog.
  21. Become a Pinterest DIY pro. These will be good posts!
  22. Try each of these local coffee shops.
  23. Be more spontaneous

Check back in one year to see what J has accomplished!

M’s birthday 23rd birthday special is just a few months away in January!

Hope you all are having the happiest Thanksgiving!

– J & M


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