Wild and Free: Outfit Inspiration


Hello Damsels!

Who is loving this fall weather? There’s something about this time of year that just excites us! Yummy candle scents, delicious tea and coffee drinks, football tailgating, dark berry lips and nails, Thanksgiving food! But the most exciting is getting out your cozy wardrobe! J has a couple outfits to help inspire your outfits this fall and winter!


Dress: Forever 21 I couldn’t find this exact dress, but this one is similar and even better for winter weather!

Booties: Urban Outfitters These are my favorite booties right now! They go with everything and are super comfortable!

Hat: I found mine at Old Navy during a sale for only $20, but I found a similar one at Nordstroms.


 Jeans: American Eagle You can find simple black jeans anywhere, but these are my favorite!

Chambray Shirt: Old Navy One of my favorite shirts right now and super affordable!

Scarf: Old Navy I couldn’t find this particular pattern but this one is just a cute! And you can’t beat the price!

Leather Jacket: Windsor Of course I couldn’t find this exact leather jacket, but any leather jacket will be super cute during the fall and winter time!

Let us know what your favorite fall clothing pieces are!

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– J & M


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