Beauty Trends: Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick


Hello, Damsels!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent lip trend, matte liquid lipsticks. We are obsessed. Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks make this trend 10x better because of the incredible quality you get from the super affordable price. Don’t get us wrong, there are some great high end lippies out there which we love, but these Colourpop lippies are comparable to those super expensive brands so how could you not want to buy every single color?

Colourpop also has a ton of other products, from contour and highlighting sticks, eye shadows, lip pencils, eye lines, etc., the list goes on and on. These are all definitely things you need in your everyday make-up kit, especially the lippies!

Price: $6 (beauty steal: $5 off your first purchase when you sign up for their newsletter!)

Pros: They go on incredibly smooth! Other matte liquid lipsticks often dry too quickly so you don’t have time to build the color without it starting to feel flaky and clumpy. The formula is very creamy and allows you time to build the color. Once it on your lips and dried to the matte finish, trust us, it will not come off! We have worn our Colourpop lippies for hours and have noticed they withstand eating and drinking. You may have to touch up a little here and there but these lippies are invincible.

Cons: Like most matte liquid lipsticks, they leave your lips a little dry after some time, but if you moisturize your lips before applying it helps a lot.

Color Range: Every color you could imagine, they’ve got it! We both have purchased an array of colors, from neutrals to super bright pink. There’s even crazy fun colors like blue and green for those of you who are super daring. Several of the colors look fairly similar in the packaging but they actually have very different tones once you swatch them or put them on your lips. Be sure to see swatches below to see the true color!

| Swatches |

IMG_5435colourpop labeled.jpg

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