Bring it Back to Basics| Outfit of the Day


Hello, Damsels!

Hope you have been enjoying our latest posts! Can you believe we have been blogging for one year now?!? It has been so much fun being with your best friend creating content you are passionate about and having a creative outlet to share with others!

J is back with another style inspo to let you know the basic pieces you need your wardrobe! Be sure to follow our blog Instagram (@damselseatingdonuts) for more pictures and updates on what we have been doing!

First year out of college. First professional job out of college. First time paying my own rent. First time having to decide if I actually need 200 cable channels. Life was so simple until I was out living on my own trying to learn to “adult” (still working on it). Not going to lie, the first thing where my paycheck goes is my closet or home decor. Next thing I know, I don’t have money for food the rest of the month (but at least I will have cute outfits and an adorable apartment, right?). I probably don’t need another throw blanket for my bed or couch because I already have four. I definitely shouldn’t have bought five different throw pillows for my bed, only to end up on the floor. But thank goodness I bought a coffee maker so I would stop going across the street to the ever so convenient bakery each morning. “Adulting” has started to teach me one big lesson, keep it simple. Make do with what you have, buy what you only NEED. And yes, I’m still learning.

J’s style tip: buy your basics and mix it up.

This outfit has all of your staple pieces, with fun trends that won’t go out of style or break your wallet. For starters, everyone absolutely needs a basic white tee. This one is incredibly comfortable and does not cling to you on those hot summer days. The detail around the neck line adds a little sass and personality however you style it. I promise you, a plain white top is your closet’s best friend. Another perfect piece every closet needs is a light wash pair of jeans for summer. Surprisingly, I found these at Old Navy and the fit is absolutely perfect. There’s always great sales going on, like $20 jeans, so definitely wait for these days and stock up! And seriously you guys, how can you go wrong with a black fringe purse? You cannot. It goes with every outfit you will wear this summer (even fall). Once you have your basic pieces, add in a fun bralette like the one I wore and slip on some fun sandals. A few days later, you could pair the shirt with a knee length, pleated skirt and some chunky heeled sandals for a completely different vibe. Multiple looks, same great basic pieces.

Find links to everything blow, including shoes and bralette!








Top: Here | Jeans: Similar Here, Similar here | Bag: Here | Shoes: Here | Bralette: Here |

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