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Hello Damsels!

Fall is finally here and we are so excited! J & M have a lot of fun ideas for the blog this fall and we cannot wait to share them with you all! Fall fashion is one of our favorites.There are so many ways to utilize summer and winter clothes into your fall wardrobe since the weather is (usually) the perfect temperature for being able to wear sweaters, scarves and cozy clothes.

If I find an off the shoulder bodysuit, I MUST have it. These are two of my favorite trends right now! I found this bodysuit online from American Eagle a few months ago and I am obsessed! It is super comfortable and it is easy to dress up or wear it casual. It appears to no longer be on their website so I went ahead and linked a few similar bodysuits. Bodysuits are very in right now so it is not hard at all to find one. There are some extremely cute ones at Forever 21 right now! My goal for fall/winter is to branch out from my typical neutral color wardrobe and start bringing in more pops of color. Since I have been loving bodysuits lately I want to try and find a few with fun colors or designs.

I have never been a fan of jeans because I don’t find them very comfortable. However, I have grown to love American Eagle’s Super Hi-Rise jeans. They hit at the perfect spot on my waist so they are extremely flattering. I have had fun pairing different crop tops and bodysuits with these jeans. Choker necklaces are another one of my faves right now. I love how a 90’s trend is back in style. They give outfits a fun, sassy vibe that I absolutely adore! I wish I still had some of my chokers from back in the day, but unfortunately those are long gone now.

We hope you gain some inspiration from M’s outfit for your fall wardrobe! Happy Fall!











Body suit: Similar Style Urban Outfitters ; Similar Style Forever 21

JeansShop Here  Shoes: Shop Here

Choker: Britches Boutique-Columbia, MO. Similar Styles

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