Army Green + Jean Skirt | Outfit Inspo


Hello, Damsels!

J is here to share with you the perfect outfit to transition from the steamy summer sweat to the crisp fall breeze!

If I was a season, hands down, no questions asked, I would be autumn. If I has the powers of Mother Nature, it would be fall all year round. Unless we are at the beach, then it can be warm. But we are not, we are in Missouri. I crave it all. The refreshing air with the warmth of the sun still lingering. The smell of changing leaves and pumpkin bread. The cozy sweaters and deep, jewel tone hues. It is impossible to not be happy this time of year. And if you are not happy, come hang out with me. Year after year, fall continues to remind me of the never-ending changes in my life. Yes, it sounds incredibly scary, but it is a beautiful thing to experience and have the ability to take hold of during my “adulting” journey. A reminder to embrace change. To not hold onto those little things bring you down. To chase something exciting. Cliche, I know. But seriously, look outside! It’s too beautiful to be scared!

With change, comes transitional wardrobe pieces. This outfit has it all. Starting off with your basic white tank and bralette, paired with a button up jean skirt. I found this one a Nordstrom Rack which has a little extra sass with the studding around the pockets. As it gets cooler, you can totally put on a pair of tights and chunky socks to keep warm. Remember army green this season. It’s the “it” color so this cardigan is super versatile. Since fall is just about to peak through, this provided a little more warmth, but still let me breath when the sun was out. Pair it with a long sleeve white top, high-waisted black jeans and you’ll have yourself a cozy outfit for a chillier day. And of course, the staple black bootie. Did I mention why I love fall?

See below for pictures and links!


Shirt: Similar, Similar 

Cardigan: Forever 21

Skirt: Here, Similar (same style, different color)

Booties: Similar, Similar

Bralette: Similar, Similar(hidden secret for cheaper bralettes!)

Choker: Here’s a bunch for any style!

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